Want even more personal and direct interaction with the Corporate Crone

The Crone is repeatedly torn between conducting and condensing research resulting in the development of practical programs, AND – working directly on-site with clients. The Crone is operating from a place in life where it is paramount to share the positive results clients have experienced with her over the years.

The decision and fee for on-site consulting depends on mutual agreement of organizational readiness and leadership’s commitment of time, money, and energy to the process.

The goal is to work in partnership with you and your team on an approach that develops your organization through optimizing and integrating your best practices with necessary Change and personal Growth.

Together, we will identify the processes & programs that you want to build upon & Continue. We will discuss solutions that need to be introduced & are necessary to Start integrating with effective processes & programs you already have in place. We will determine those things that are NOT working & need to Stop.

Proven approaches to CHANGE Consulting and Awareness will focus on:

  • systemic assessment
  • team blending and relationship building
  • leadership impact development
  • intergenerational interactions
  • executive coaching
  • career transition assistance
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