The Crone is aware that no one way is the absolute perfect answer. The Crone works with the human side of business and excels at helping organizations improve individual impact.

Sylvia Gaffney, PhD

Corporate Crone sharing workplace wisdom, practical experience,and business savvy Advice

Sylvia Gaffney, PhD

My professional career has focused on the human element in business.

I work with my clients as a systems thinker with the ability to see how interconnections and interrelationships help organizations arrive at what they must Start, Stop & Continue as they experience Change and work to integrate business objectives with the human side of business.

It is a CHOICE to grow & develop for both individuals & organizations. That choice is optional. Living consciously aware and in the present moment provides clarity and direction.

As president & owner of Gaffney Corporate Strategies – Organization Development (OD) consulting firm, I assist others in understanding the relational aspect of company culture with their Strategy, Structure, Systems, Staffing, and Stakeholders.

I continue working on Corporate Outplacement projects as either a seasoned solo practitioner, or as a contractor for other like-minded firms. I continue as an Executive Coach, and with OD assignments that meet my criteria.

I provided consulting services to a diverse range of companies on a national and international basis. I operated as president and owner in four distinct, yet synergistic industries in my Gaffney Suite of Companies.

Our staffing company and computer training school served the region for 10+ years. I negotiated the sale of these companies to Olsten of Chicago – acquired by Adecco.

I am a charter member of the International Association of Career Management Professionals (IACP), and have my Fellow in the Outplacement Institute. I authored a career development workbook for my clients, titled Careerpreneur. I am a member of the OD Network.

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